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Taking control of your career. Royale Class can help.

153767869As a contractor, you've come to enjoy your independence and the flexibility of defining your own hours. You like the work-life balance that you've created as a contractor and you don't want to give that up for the corporate 9 to 5. 

If you enjoy freshness of contract assignments, Royale Class wants to help you find your next assignment. We have contract positions around the country that need dedicated, hard working and motivated contractors just like you. 

Please, send us your most up-to-date resume using the form below (please note that only .PDF, .DOC and .DOCX files are accepted) and our team with get back to you shortly.


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      • As an eligible contractor with RCI, you'll receive the following benefits:
      • Travel Reimbursement
      • Per Diem
      • Medical and Dental Benefits
      • Where applicable, you may be eligible receive a monthly metro fare

Royale Class believes that the best businesses are built with the best people.

If you're a shining star and would like the opportunity to join Royale Class on a full-time basis, you may have the opportunity. All of our contractors have the option of undergoing management review with Royale Class, after their first assignments, and can become full-time Royale Class employees. Submit your resume and schedule a time to speak with our team for further details.