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Jump start your career. Royale Class can help.

86514265Beginning your new role as a temporary employee can offer you with great benefits. You have the opportunity to "test drive" your new employer to make sure that you like the work, not to mention who you work with and for.

Making sure that you shine during your temporary position can jumpstart your career with your new employer, and set you up for great success in your future. If you're looking to "test drive" a new career, we want to speak with you!

Please, send us your most up-to-date resume using the form below (please note that only .PDF, .DOC and .DOCX files are accepted) and our team with get back to you shortly.


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      • As an eligible temporary employee with RCI, you'll receive the following benefits:
      • Travel Reimbursement
      • Per Diem
      • Medical and Dental Benefits
      • Where applicable, you may be eligible receive a monthly metro fare

Royale Class believes that the best businesses are built with the best people.