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Everyone at Royale Class is dedicated to ensuring that your experience with us is unique in the industry. Our process starts with an in-depth investigation of your needs overseen by our President & CEO, Lori Sottilotta.

Your dedicated Royale Class team will gauge your project and develop a detailed project plan. When they are through, your Royale Class team will deliver the plan and a comprehensive presentation walking you through every step of the plan.

This isn't a project plan full of vague tasks and timelines that will elegantly sit and collect dust.

147246525This project plan is specific, actionable and ready-to-implement.

Let Lori put her experiences and expertise to work for your business. Contact us for a risk-free consultation today.

Or, click on the links below to learn more about the Royale Class experience.

Who is Lori A. Sottilotta? 

The Early Years

A New Class of Business, Technology & Staffing Services

What We Can Do For You