We love a challenge. Especially an IT challenge.

108611802Do you have a technical project that's too large or too complex for your in-house IT team?

Royale Class has technical consultants with expertise in advanced technologies and can manage your most ambitious technical goals. Whatever your project needs are, Royale Class has the people and skills to bring your dreams to life. Royale Class Technical Consultants have managed projects large and small for clients, including:

      • Disaster recovery planning
      • Business continuity planning
      • Advanced security installation
      • Secure remote access systems
      • Much more

A proven process means success every time

Royale Class has successfully planned and executed "special" projects for hundreds of customers. Along the way, we’ve developed a bulletproof process that ensures success every time.

Our process focuses on meeting your goals and exceeding your expectations through open communication and applied expertise. Each project that we undertake receives the following:

      • At least one dedicated senior-level Technical Project Manager
      • Pre-implementation technical review
      • Installation checkpoints
      • Documentation
      • Best practices
      • Testing, Validation and Verification
      • Customer Acceptance

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