A data center can keep your business safe and secure

147053988For small and medium sized businesses (SMBs), keeping your data and information secure but accessible can be an IT nightmare. Server co-location can be a cost-effective way of protecting your assets in a way that keeps it accessible.

Using a data center keeps your company's critical information in a location away from your office. Using a carrier-grade data center like the ones that Royale Class uses means that you can rest assured that your data is safe, but that you can access it anytime.

Tackling a data center or private cloud project can be tough on your own. These projects require a different management approach than most internal business networks. Data center management means that you must have server expertise; but you’ll also need circuits linking multiple locations, advanced power and cooling, high-availability systems and other components specific to data centers. Managing all of these systems demands a broad range of expertise and an entire team of IT consultants and professionals.

Royale Class has a combined 20-years of experience in deploying and managing data centers for our customers. We have a full range of data center specialists, including:

      • Cisco consultants
      • Virtualization specialists
      • VoIP specialists
      • Carrier services agents
      • On-site technical consultants
      • And more

We have all the expertise you need to design, provision and manage your data center or private cloud.

Could you recover if you suddenly lost your business data?

If you’re concerned about keeping your data safe, rely on Royale Class to manage your data center services for you. You can rest easy knowing that Royale Class has the experience and the relationships to give you security and service at affordable prices.

Discover how Royale Class can help keep your mission-critical data secure and accessible. Click here to contact us today.