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Royale Class Opens Offices in Heart of Times Square

Royale Class Opens Offices in Times Square

New York, NY
October 16, 2012

Continuing its organic-growth strategy, Brooklyn-based Royale Class announced today that the Company has opened new offices in Times Square, New York. 

"As a New York entrepreneur, the dream is to one day open an office in a place like Times Square," said Lori Sottilotta, founder, President and CEO of Royale Class Consulting. "Growing up, I watched business people taking the train, taking the bus into Manhattan. Later on, I worked in Manhattan and knew that one day, I was going to be among those that came into the City every day for business. It's really rewarding to be at a place where these things are coming to fruition." 

Royale Class will continue to serve clients from the Brooklyn offices that have been the home of RCC since 2009, and from their offices across New York State and satellite facilities across the country.