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New Branding for Royale Class

For Immediate Release

New Branding for Royale Class Reflects Evolution of Vision
and Focus on Simplifying the Delivery of Business and Technology Services

New logo for Royale Class represents evolution of vision and commitment to simplified delivery.Rochester, NY, February 6, 2013 - Royale Class, Inc., previously operating as Royale Class Consulting, Inc., today announced an evolution of its logo and brand to reflect the company’s expanded business focus to simplifying the delivery of business and technology services to other businesses. This evolution underscores Royale Class’s vision to provide professional services that allows businesses to focus on the core aptitudes that set them apart.

“We’re aligning our organization for client success, while expanding our focus to serve businesses across the spectrum,” said Lori Sottilotta, President and CEO of Royale Class. “This is good for business owners and executives. It’s good for the American workforce, and it’s good for the consumers of the goods and services that our clients produce. We are dedicated to job creation and job sustainability. We’re not interested in creating a job that goes away in 1- or 2- or 5-years. We are dedicated to providing our clients the people, products and services that they need – when and how they need them. When the job is done, our people remain on our payroll and move on to serving other needs for other clients.”

As a reflection of the dedication that Sottilotta and the Company have made to simplify delivery while remaining focused on delivering world-class service, Royale Class is introducing a new logo. The new logo retains the lion icon. However, the company’s name has been simplified, representing the commitment to simplifying the delivery of products and services that businesses require.

“Increasingly, we’re seeing the most successful organizations focus on the piece that makes them different, makes them special,” said Sottilotta. “Our clients need a partner that is committed to walking with them on the path to success. Our brand revolution reflects Royale Class’s expanding solution portfolio. A portfolio that continues to expand to meet the needs of our clients, delivered when and how they want it.”

Roughly one year ago, Royale Class began expanding its solution portfolio. The company is dedicated to being a “one stop shop” for business services and can now offer its clients business and management consulting, staffing resources, U.S.-based business process outsourcing, information technology consulting and services, project management, website development, app development, payroll processing and much more. The company is dedicated to offering the products and services that its client’s require and delivering them when and how the client needs them.

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