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Why We're Different

At Royale Class, we pride ourselves on a few things.

Download your own free copy of The Anti-Staffing Manifesto todayThinking different, acting different and generally being different is one of the things that we are most proud of. Why? 

Because it leads to better results for you. 

Royale Class is a company that offers business, technology, staffing, payroll and printing services to our client companies around the country. Our philosophy is simple: do the right thing and watch great things happen. 

One of the ways that we make a difference in our client's business is in people. Finding the right candidate is hard, and it can be harder without the right partner on your side. That's why we've released "The Anti-Staffing Manifesto," to outline the 12 beliefs that we apply to the staffing services that we provide for clients from healthcare to airlines to the "mom and pop" shops that we serve. 

Staffing - The Way It Should Be

We think that these 12 beliefs represent a major shift in the way that staffing has been done to date. In general, we're not convinced that most staffing agencies are true partners to their clients. We routinely hear from our clients that they don't get the service, the candidates or the quality that they really want. We're changing that, one job, one contract, one project at a time. We call it The Staffing Revolution, and we think it's about time there's been a shake-up in the Staffing Industry. 

Read more about the Staffing Revolution at our CEO's blog, or download a copy of our Manifesto for yourself - there's no registration required to download - and if our values resonate with you, give us a call at (888) 311.0509 or contact our CEO, Lori, directly.