Brenda Miller Milewski

Director – Recruiting & Client Development

Brenda's Past Experiences

Brenda’s past experience has consisted of approximately 29 years of working in the Healthcare Industry.  Brenda has worked the last 6+ years as a Facets expert performing multiple consulting functions for various organizations involving Business Process Redesign for Medicaid, Medicare and Commercial arenas.

As a consultant, Brenda has successfully performed roles such as Business Process Engineer, Project Manager, Configuration Analyst, Tester and Facets™ SME and is extremely practiced with SDLC (system development life cycle) standards.

Prior to consulting, Brenda worked for Amerigroup Corporation and Keystone Mercy. At Amerigroup, Brenda’s role was to oversee Business Solutions which was responsible for all Facets™ benefit and pricing configuration.  Brenda held many positions at Keystone Mercy throughout her 18+ year tenure.

Brenda’s career began in a Medical Billing role where she was responsible for coding ER charts and billing insurance companies.  The ultimate goal in this role was “maximizing your reimbursement”.

Brenda then transferred to Keystone Mercy where she began as a Claim Examiner processing Medicaid claims.  Brenda continued to move up in the organization performing various claims roles such as Examiner II and Claims Supervisor.  

Brenda then moved on to the technical side of the house as a Tech Advisor, Help Desk Support person, Manager of Tech Support, Director of Tech Support and Director of Facets™ Implementation.

As the Director of Facets™ Implementation for 5 years, Brenda was responsible for managing all aspects of Facets™ configuration, conversion of historical data, system integration and user acceptance testing. Brenda was also responsible for managing the day to day Provider Databases, Fee Schedule maintenance, Contract Maintenance, and identification of process improvements/efficiencies.

Prior to leaving Keystone Mercy, Brenda held the position of Director of New Business Analysis and Planning and was responsible for responding to RFP’s, defining project structure, establishing tools for reusability, determining the system platform for future business, and represented operations during all implementations.

Brenda has spent many years in the “trenches” and clearly understands what it takes to get the job done.

Brenda has worked/implemented many software applications such as Facets™ (2.81a – 4.81), NetworX®, iCes®, CareAdvance®, Workflow®, Macess DocFlo, customized RAC program, TeamTRAK™, and Microsoft® Project, to name but a few.

Brenda continues her success by working to complete her Bachelor’s in Computer Science.