Pat D. - President, Construction Contractor

I am Royale Class - they helped me take my company to the next level

Without Royale Class and Lori I would never have been able to support the cleanup efforts in NYC after Hurricane Sandy. Royale Class not only found us truck operators, but they set them up on payroll, handled my operations, including invoicing.

Their rapid response and support allowed my company to take the job.

They ensured that my men were paid and received a paycheck where ever they were staying. Royale Class made sure that a carrier delivered payroll checks weekly from, trailers to hotels.

I am now working with Royale Class full time for my operations and payroll and it doesn’t stop there: Royale Class is creating me a website and locked in my domain - and they made sure that I own it. Royale Class is taking my company to the next step.

I couldn’t of done any of this without you Royale Class. Thank you

Pat D – President Construction Contractor