Kimberly L. - Project Director, CA

I am Royale Class - they helped me improve processes and save money

Lori and her team are extremely analytical. Lori and her team are responsible for production and inventory reporting. She identified trends and make logical recommendations for process improvement. She set an excellent example for full time hires, consultants, management and subordinate staff by working long hours and efficiently. She also produced the highest volume of work with quality above departmental standards.

She has the ability to work within minimal supervision and was always eager to learn more as she is teaching and showing us. I would strongly recommend Lori for any position / project and or assignment. I am proud of Lori and what she has done.

Royale Class demonstrates Lori’s work ethic and pride.

Lori’s nick name was the “problem solver,” because she has the ability to look at something and always come up with a solution. The work that Lori and Royale Class Consulting provides will allow her and her company to be the top in any industry.

Thank you !!!!


Kimberly L. - Project Director, CA