Elliot T. - Small Business Owner, Michigan Hardware Store

I am Royale Class - they helped me build a web site for my small business

Web designing is challenging for a small business. Small businesses seem to get pushed aside and over looked. But not with Royale Class.

I felt like I hit the lottery when I found Royale Class.

They not only care, but they listened. They heard my needs, and Lori A Sottilotta and her team at Royale Class also asked me, “Elliot what do you want in a website for your business?"

They delivered my needs and my wants, right on target. They pay close attention to detail, you would never know they weren’t involved in the branding and development process because they nailed it - on the first time around! Their communication was as if they were sitting right next to me in the office, and their response time was amazing. They didn’t just say we are the experts they showed it but even with all their knowledge and experience they still valued our input and heard our concerns and listened to suggestions. Currently we still use Royale Class and they currently manage our website. I recommend Royale Class for web designs and so much more. I am so happy for Lori A. Sottilotta and her success, and it shines through as she demonstrates Royalty.

Elliot T. - Small Business Owner, Michigan Hardware Store