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We’ve talked before about “Resume Spaghetti.”

Getting stacks of resumes for every open position you try to staff? We call this resume spaghetti - and we think there's a better way.By Royale Class

"Resume Spaghetti" is a tactic that those staffing vendors who get your open job and do little more than troll through the mountains of resumes on the job boards. What you end up getting is a stack of resumes that “fit” your criteria. To us, this process seems like throwing spaghetti against a wall, just to see what “sticks.”

This can be an incredibly frustrating experience for the overworked hiring manager and frazzled HR professionals – to say nothing of the C-suite executives that just want to find the right talent for their company culture and mission. Having a stack of resumes means that someone still has to review each resume, discard the obvious poor matches and you’re then left with a stack of unknowns.

We think there’s a better way.

When you’re looking for someone, chances are, you’ve got a fairly good idea of what that person should look like. What that person can already do, and what that person can learn to do with a bit of coaching. That’s why we don’t like to just take an open job. That’s why we do things a bit different. After all, we are the Anti-Staffing Agency.

When you decide to work with us, we make it a point to really understand your needs – and separate them from your wants. We may ask you questions that you haven’t been asked by a staffing partner before.

Before we go looking for a candidate, we want to understand the standards that you have. Certainly things like your idea of an acceptable commute range and rate markup are important – but we also want to understand your basic standards for all your people. Are there certain things that you look for from a company culture perspective? If things like the ability to “work hard, play hard” are important to your corporate culture – you’re not going to want someone that just shows up for their 9-5.

The entire time we’re meeting, we’re going to be looking for certain keywords. Keywords are a key that can allow our recruiters to hit the ground running when they start the search for your candidate. We’ve mentioned before, but this is important, we start each and every candidate search within our own database first. We have a repository of thousands that we’ve worked with in the past. People that we can confidently recommend their work, their values and ethics – not to mention their ability to get things done. We maintain an active list of those that we can’t recommend. It’s a sad fact that sometimes, people just don’t live up to our high expectations. Our reputation is too important to us to risk sending you someone that we aren’t 100% sure about recommending their work.

In some cases, of course, we may not have that particular skill set or expertise in our database. When this happens, our recruiters do much more than just download and review resumes from Monster or another job seeker site. Our recruiters use social media and other Internet tools to thoroughly research each candidate – matching skills on their resume with their profiles and work history online.

Our recruiters also use a number of tools to research the skills that you need to ensure that they have a complete picture of the person that you’re looking for. Using these tools allows our recruiters to understand and recommend those candidates that are most likely to work out for your specific needs.

Finally, during our conversations with you, you’re likely to hear us ask “why?” A lot. Part of our process – the process that has worked for our clients for years – is to understand why your Company is in business. Why this position exists. What your plans are for the future. These questions help us properly position your company to the candidate. But it also helps us to really get to know you and your company. It’s this kind of relationship building that allows us to anticipate your needs. Understand your culture. Be the partner that you can count on – for the long term – not just until you don’t have work for us.

This is part of the staffing revolution. Are you ready? Download "The Anti-Staffing Agency Manifesto" and join the revolution.

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