Part-Time Expertise from Experienced Workers

Ever had a scenario where you wished you had the right kind of expertise – even just part time?

By Royale Class

Experienced, older workers can bring years of expertise and learning experiences to your company at part-time pay rates.It can be so hard to train a new employee to do things the way they need to be done – and worse,  you training them takes your focus away from the things that you need to be getting done.

There’s a new trend in employment – or should we say, re-employment. The penetration of temporary staffing of those aged 20-24 has decreased significantly, while the penetration for those aged 35-64 has increased (Source: Bureau of Labor Statistics).

This likely reflects those 35-64 year olds are re-entering the workforce. It would seem likely (because the penetration for those older 65+ fell), that the increase is due to one of two reasons: income and mental engagement. On the income side, those stay-at-home spouses may be finding part-time work, workers who were laid off or whose hours were cut may be turning to temporary staffing to supplement their income. On the mental engagement side, for many older workers, living longer means working longer.

This is great news for the economy.

Older workers that have earnings continue to contribute to Social Security – reducing, even slightly, the drain on that program’s limited funds. Additionally, these older workers spend money on all kinds of things from meals out to clothing to vacations – all of which keep the economic machine well oiled.

What does this mean for the hiring company?

There’s a big opportunity for those hiring organizations to consider. You can get years of experiences, on-the-job education and expertise – all for part-time pay. Generally speaking, because they are part-time, employers can also be spared for shelling out all of the benefits that a full-time employee gets. Even with the advent of ObamaCare, a part-time worker won’t be eligible, in most cases, for company-sponsored retirement plans, paid vacations and other benefits afforded to full-time employers.

On the surface, many employers see the benefits of hiring part-time, seasoned workers. A joint poll by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM) and AARP shows that more than 7 in 10 human resource professionals polled say the loss of talented older workers is “a problem” or “a potential problem” for their organizations.

Many of these polled HR pros also said they planned to hire retired employees as consultants or temporary workers, offer flexible work arrangements and design part-time positions to attract older workers.

We think this is great news for the seasoned worker. It’s great news for the economy, but importantly, we think this is a great opportunity for many companies to increase their skill sets, education and experience by hiring and learning from the wealth of information that these workers can provide.

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