More than a Paycheck

According to a recent survey by Jumpstart: HR, the paycheck still ranks as the top item that a candidate looks at.

Increasingly, candidates want to increase their skills in addition to making great pay.At the same time, an overwhelming number of candidates also want an opportunity to increase their skills. 

During the Great Recession, one of the first items to be trimmed on many corporate budgets was the training and development spends for staff. Opportunities for candidates to stretch their skills on the corporate dime have been slim ever since.


To find the best candidates, think about the interesting ways that working on your project might make your position more appealing. Some enjoy the opportunity to work with cutting-edge technology. If you’re looking for skilled IT workers, and you can honestly promise the opportunity to work with high-end gear – you might use that to entice those with the right skill set to come to work with your team. In some cases, candidates will actually turn down a more lucrative position – for the chance to work in the right sector or industry – or with the latest technology.

As an example, Wall Street has a huge appetite for mobile application and user interface developers – skills that are in short supply. Despite this, many find it relatively easy to fill these difficult positions because many contractors are excited about the opportunity to add financial services sector experience to their list of experiences.

We’ve talked a bit about the “talent gap” previously. A new piece of data in this puzzle comes from the American Society for Training and Development (ASTD). Their recent survey shows that nearly half of the employers questioned cite a lack of commitment by senior leaders to employee learning and development as a primary cause of the “talent gap.” In the same survey, 12% of respondents indicated that candidates with sales skills are among the most difficult to find.

What can you do to make your organization an “employer of choice” for those tough-to-find candidates? What interesting and unique things is your team is working on? Things that might make a candidate turn down a more lucrative offer? What trainings and knowledge-sharing can you offer to the candidates you need? After all, it’s about more than a paycheck.

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