Infinite Recruiting Cycles – Getting the Right Candidate

Finding the right candidate might just be getting even harder.

Finding candidates is harder than ever - and it's getting more complicated because of candidates using social media to tell the world of their search and interview experiences.Today’s candidates perform extensive research before agreeing to take an interview. In fact, a 2012 survey by TalentBoard reports that more than half of all candidates had an existing relationship with a company prior to applying.

Social media has led us to the “connection economy,” where at least a portion of our value is determined by the number and the quality of the connections that we have. Connecting with the right candidates requires that hiring organizations – and their recruiting partners – have ongoing, meaningful conversations with candidates. This means that a connection must be established, nurtured and maintained if that organization hopes to interview that candidate.

A survey from CareerBuilder on candidate behaviors shows that 74% of workers are actively looking for work – whether they’re employed or not. As a result, the recruiting cycle goes nonstop and the distinction between passive and active searchers has all but disappeared.

Today’s job seekers are savvy consumers. On average, they tap 15 sources per search to thoroughly vet any new company they become aware of, before they accept any offer of screening or interview. Nothing is sacred in today’s market. Contractors are known to share pay rates, markups and they can bad-mouth clients who leave them hanging or misrepresent an opportunity.

Millenials, in particular, are very vocal about their job search experiences, with 92% saying that they relay their job search experience in person and through social media. This rising trend of candidate “due diligence” makes it critical for hiring companies to invest in brand perception and reputation management. The hiring organization’s brand can make all the difference to securing the right candidate – especially when the candidate has multiple offers on the table. Multiple offers for a candidate is becoming even more commonplace as the “right” candidates also happen to be those with the skill sets in highest demand.

A good staffing partner has good recruiters that know that 66% of candidates think about looking for a new job about 6 months before they begin actively searching. These smart recruiters can use a technique called talent mapping to identify prospects and use multiple platforms to convert perfect strangers into “likers” and followers.

This elite group of recruiters no longer relies on advertising to fill open positions – for the same reasons that savvy marketers are exiting the mass advertising media in droves: ads simply don’t work to find the “perfect” candidates. Instead, smart recruiting firms are using CRM tools to stay in touch, search engine optimized blog posts, online discussions and YouTube videos to dispense market intelligence and career advice.

Data from the TalentBoard suggests that candidate job search engagement through social networking sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and Glassdoor is growing and effective for recruiting candidates – as long as the interaction offers value to the candidate.

What does this mean for your hiring needs? Simply put, a good staffing partner brings the power of their database, their inbound candidate marketing activities and their knowledge of what’s happening across skills sets in multiple industries all together to locate you the candidate that has the rights skills, experiences and education – and happens to be actively looking for a new opportunity. This reduces your time-to-hire and improves the return on your hiring investment by putting the right candidate to work on your products and projects sooner.

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