Great culture comes from the bottom up, and the top down

When it comes to staffing and recruiting, as many other lines of business for Royale Class, our clients appreciate consistent service.

By Royale Class

Building a great culture comes from both the top down and the bottom up.

This appreciation for consistent service generates additional opportunities for growth.

Our mission here at Royale Class is to serve our internal employees, consultants, contractors, clients and community. Depending on the scenario, the order in which we serve each may change – but we rarely make a decision without considering how the decision will affect all of these groups.


What’s interesting to me is how this focus can affect employee engagement. When an employee understands the priorities in a given scenario, they can really support the decision that is made and engages a little more in the culture. They learn a little more about the Royale Class way and they become just a little more proud to work for the organization – or at least it appears that way to me and to our clients.

Research from Gallup, Inc. shows that companies with “world-class” employee engagement have 3.9 times the earnings-per-share growth rate than competing organizations with lower engagement – regardless of industry. Gallup also finds that engaged workgroups are more productive and profitable, and experience less absenteeism and fewer safety incidents than disengaged peer groups.

We think that this engagement is a direct result of our culture – and as we grow a culture that places a high value on healthy relationships and individual growth, we see more and more engagement from our team.

How do you build a culture that supports and grows engagement? Here’s some of what we do to grow this engagement, and what we strive to do with and for each of our clients, contractors, consultants and internal employees:

  1. Putting Values First.

    1. Our internal team and our contractors and consultants all recognize that we have three core values that are our guiding principles in all we do:
      1. Trust
        We prove our reliability, abilities and strengths to our clients, our employees and our communities every day by doing what we say we’ll do, when we say we’ll do it.
      2. Dependability
        Our constant commitment to being trusted leads us to deliver information and results that our clients can count on.
      3. Integrity
        We strive to do the right thing, even when it's hard. After all, our clients, our employees and their families are all counting on us.
    2. When it comes to our internal employees, the contractors and consultants that we work with, we have 12 core values that we bring to every interaction with our clients:
      1. We value individuals and interactions above all else.
      2. Quality is critical
      3. Collaboration over negotiation
      4. Reacting well to changes
      5. Satisfying the need for value
      6. Big jobs, small jobs, in-between jobs
      7. Processes are a framework, not rigid boundaries
      8. Promote an environment and culture of support
      9. Create sustainable processes
      10. Staffing at the speed of the client – moving as fast as they need us to
      11. Reports and meetings when they add value – not just for the sake of having them.
      12. Lessons learned are experiences gained – we won’t have to learn the same lessons twice.
  2. Bottom Up, Not Top Down

    Royale Class was founded in 2009 with an eye to the three core principles. The 12 values related to our clients evolved a bit over time – but the point is that each of our employees, contractors and consultants know these values and the expectation to keep them. They also know that they can hold their management accountable for sticking to these principles.
  3. Great Culture Takes A Lot of Work

    We do use some visual clues to help our employees remember and live by our values – but this isn’t the most important piece of building culture. The most important aspect of building this culture is learning (and leading) by example.

    When one of our employees, contractors or consultants are “caught” acting in ways that align with a specific core value, we recognize that. We share specific examples and stories of how employees did the right thing – worked in The Royale Class Way – with the team. We think that this encourages others to act in similar ways, and over time this consistently raises the bar for everyone in the organization.

At Royale Class, we believe that consistently communicating, living and being laser-focused on our values have helped us build a great culture and a great company. We think this leads to great relationships with our employees, our contractors, our consultants, our prospective candidates and our clients.

If you want to read more about our 12 values related to our clients, they are all contained in The Anti-Staffing Manifesto, which outlines the steps that we take to ensure that our clients are delighted and our candidates are respected. Please download a copy for yourself and let us know if there are things that we’ve missed.

As always, please connect with me and drop me a line – I would love to hear from you!

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PS: If you haven't already, take a look at "The Anti-Staffing Agency Manifesto" and see how we're waging the talent war on a whole new level. We'd love to hear from you and to know what you think.

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