How - And Why - To Choose The Best For Your Web Needs

Most businesses do not realize how vital a website is to a business’ success. Some businesses have poorly designed or run websites that give negative impressions about them. Others simply don't have a web presence at all. Many business owners will put such notions to the side and say "I don't need a website, I'm not selling a product," or "I don't have time right now."


The Anti-Staffing Agency

I recently read an article with the title, “Not All Temporary or Staffing Agencies Are Good For You,” ( The author of this article has obviously had some mixed experiences with staffing agencies – and unfortunately, this author isn’t alone.


People Never Stop Surprising Me

As many of us enjoyed our holiday weekend, some have not. In particular families in the town of Webster, near the Rochester, NY offices of Royale Class Consulting. In case you are not aware, Webster resident, William Spengler set fire to the home that he shared with his sister as a ruse to ambush first responders. When firefighters arrived on the scene, we are told by the news media, Mr. Spengler opened fire on those men. He killed two brave, volunteer firefighters and wounded two others.


A Royale Vision

It was the spring of 2008 and I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I had been working as a consultant on a FACETS® implementation project for a large client. I was the only member of my agency involved in the project. The agency that I worked for wasn’t the “Lead Consultant” on the project. There were 10 other consultants working on the project, including a Project Manager (though, I use the term loosely in this case).

The project was progressing more or less on schedule, but the Project Manager hadn’t developed a project plan and hadn’t facilitated the “Daily Touch Point Meetings” that are widely accepted as being a “best practice” in projects of this size. As a part of my role as the Testing Manager, I had been asked to organize these meetings and to put together an overall Project Plan.


It's not about whether my opinion is right or wrong

By now, you must know that our nation has been dealt another tragedy. The senseless death of elementary school children in Newtown, CT raises many questions for each of us. My heart breaks for the families, for the survivors, for the brave first-responders who won’t be able to get those images out of their minds.


Refusing to be afraid

I was asked the other day about the fears that I had to let go of to become successful. I have to say, if there was one thing that ever threatened to hold me back, it was being afraid of failing.


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