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We’ve talked before about “Resume Spaghetti.”

Getting stacks of resumes for every open position you try to staff? We call this resume spaghetti - and we think there's a better way.By Royale Class

"Resume Spaghetti" is a tactic that those staffing vendors who get your open job and do little more than troll through the mountains of resumes on the job boards. What you end up getting is a stack of resumes that “fit” your criteria. To us, this process seems like throwing spaghetti against a wall, just to see what “sticks.”


Warrior Workers

Savvy businesses have long valued military veterans as prospective employees.

Returning veterans can be the perfect addition to your staff, as they have many traits and excellent training that makes them great employees.By Royale Class

With more than 1 million servicemen and women exiting the military by 2016, hiring organizations have an opportunity to put these heroes back in a position they know: on the front lines of the war for talent.

Employers have long enjoyed benefits of hiring military veterans. Tax credits, incentives and other financial programs to hire America’s servicemen and women have been in place for decades. It’s the intangibles, however, that can most benefit the employers who make hiring our returning servicemen and women mission number one.


You’re Fired!

“The Donald” makes it look so easy on television.

Firing someone is never fun - but it can be necessary for both you and them.By Royale Class

In reality, terminating your relationship with an employee is never easy – but can be both necessary and beneficial to your business.

Mismatched Personalities, Cultures and More

The reasons for terminating an employee’s position can range from a personality mismatch between them and the management in place, a culture mismatch, an inability or unwillingness on the part of the employee to perform job-related functions or it can be the disruptive, often absent or perpetually late employee. In any case, letting it go on for too long is dangerous to both the profitability of the Company and morale of the other employees.


Battle for H-1B Visas

We’ve all heard the clamor in Washington and the national media about immigration reform.

Immigration reform is a hot topic - how will it affect the ability to bring in foreign workers?

By Royale Class

One portion of the pending immigration reform that may have a direct impact on American companies is the H-1B visa program reform. This controversial program allows companies to bring skilled foreign workers into the U.S. for stays of up to three years. According to a July 16th article in the CommonWealth magazine, more than 1,200 Massachusetts companies hired 5,481 skilled foreign nationals through the program in 2012. The article goes on the report that Massachusetts ranks 6th in the country, behind California, New Jersey, Texas, New York and Florida.



Introducing The Anti-Staffing Mentality

The Anti-Staffing Mentality

By Royale Class

Staffing - the way it should beIf you're an HR pro, a hiring manager or even a C-Suite executive, chances are you've dealt with staffing agencies at some point in your career. Recently, staffing services and especially temp agencies have been getting a lot of attention in the media. A recent piece in Time magazine (The 4 a.m. Army, Time, July 27, 2013) outlined deplorable practices of some temporary agencies, staffing services providers and day laborer providers across the country.


Failed Security - or Failed People?

My heart goes out to everyone in Boston. These victims aren’t victims these people should be called heroes. God bless them and their families.The attack on the Boston Marathon was an example of failed people. Not failed security.

I’m sad, because once again our nation is dealing with another tragedy caused by cowards. That said, we live in a post-9/11 world. New York has tightened security. LA has tightened security. We have built the Department of Homeland Security. TSA takes every liberty to enhance security as you go through the airport. “Beefed up” security is the new normal in the United States of America.


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