In this competitive industry, you’ve got to focus on those things that can give you a competitive edge.

Outsourcing your health plan's customer service can save you administration costs and allow you to keep your key employees focused on growing your business.As your business grows, outsourcing your customer service function can make perfect sense. It frees up your employees to do more productive work, and frees up your budget for more strategic allocations.

Before you outsource your customer services, you need confidence in your partner. You want to know that you can maintain or improve customer satisfaction. You want your public image to remain consistent. You want your members to feel they are calling your company and speaking to your employees. And you want the people who answer the telephone to not only support your products, but to up-sell them as well.

Royale Class offers a complete solution for tailored customer service. We’re the partner you can count on to promote service growth, customer care and problem resolution. Royale Class offers flexible delivery models and abilities that easily scale to meet your changing needs. Royale Class can help you increase revenue and improve member retention and customer satisfaction.

Successful customer service depends on special people, and the team at Royale Class is a step ahead of the rest. Royale Class can provide you with:

  • Professionals with a minimum of 5 year's experience in the healthcare industry
  • Most are bi-lingual, and represent more than 15 languages
  • Training custom developed to your requirements, so every representative provides a seamless extension of your brand
  • Metrics that help you achieve world-class client care for your members and providers
  • Scalable solutions that meet your business needs

At Royale Class, we’re big believers in keeping hard working Americans at work.

That’s why we outsource right here in the USA. With professionals available to work around the clock, Royale Class can offer the same turnaround times as our off-shoring competitors, at a comparable price and with a command of the English language that can’t be matched offshore. We can meet the scale, the scope and the cost demands of any payer organization.

Royale Class and you: a partnership that drives the greatest value for every healthcare dollar spent.

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