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How - And Why - To Choose The Best For Your Web Needs

Most businesses do not realize how vital a website is to a business’ success. Some businesses have poorly designed or run websites that give negative impressions about them. Others simply don't have a web presence at all. Many business owners will put such notions to the side and say "I don't need a website, I'm not selling a product," or "I don't have time right now."

My answer to that line of thinking is you don’t have time to make money?

You don’t have time to tell people about your business? Many new business owners confuse products and services and that is why so many businesses aren't aware of a good website's value.

There are several key components to consider when creating/developing your website:

  1. Hire the right company to design and develop your website.
    Many people will use someone they personally know or perhaps some second cousin’s uncle, or he has a friend who supposedly knows how to build and design website. Hiring such a person may work in the short term, but did you open a business to make money for the short term? No, you wouldn't stay in business with that outlook. That is why hiring a company will give you just that, a company backing and the manpower to keep you current and active. Don't wait for your friend’s son’s friend’s uncle to get out of work and make the updates during their spare time. A company comes with creative writers, qualified developers and expert designers.
  2. Be involved in the development/creating stages such as picking your theme or background appearance.
    Don't be afraid to dabble in details like the background color or logo design. Never hesitate to let the company know what is exactly needed for the website during its development. The website should mirror your business; it's an extension of your business brand.
  3. Have a budget set, a deadline date and be firm about them.
    Know your numbers and when you want the site up and running. Make it happen don’t just talk about it!!! Choose the company that will follow your guidelines and you must enforce them.
  4. Have the right domain picked for your business.
    Remember it’s your company. What do you want your domain to be? Keep in mind not to make it too long, instead make it easy to memorize. Also, some creativity with the domain name doesn't hurt.
  5. When working with the company make sure they understand your products and services.
    It’s important that they build the website to attract the right audience. With a correctly targeted audience, the website will generate high-volume traffic and build a larger web presence. This will enable your business to grow exponentially.
  6. Make sure the company you select doesn’t register your domain under their name – it’s your domain, MAKE sure you OWN it!
    A domain is your property. Just as you would take measures to provide security for your business and protect its assets so should such efforts be undertaken to protect your domain. 
  7. When selecting the company to back you, assure they have a support program where they can maintain your website.
    It can't be stressed enough that without proper and prompt support, your website will quickly drive away potential customers. The website is a reflection of your business, it gives visitors an impression of your business so naturally you want them to have a favorable impression of it. If a website is poorly supported visitors will have negative, harmful impressions about your business.

Ultimately, selecting the right company will make or break the success of your website and your business as well. The support after the site is built and launched is the most important piece – select a company who can now market and advertise your business and product and make your audience aware of your web presence.

Royale Class Inc. recognizes the value of websites for businesses and provides the best website services for all of your business needs. Our capable and skilled professionals are ready to create and/or develop the best website for your business. Contact me for more information on creating and developing a website: Contact Lori Directly.

Until next time, I've gotta 'Lotta opinion about everything

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