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A Royale Vision

It was the spring of 2008 and I remember the day like it was yesterday.

I had been working as a consultant on a FACETS® implementation project for a large client. I was the only member of my agency involved in the project. The agency that I worked for wasn’t the “Lead Consultant” on the project. There were 10 other consultants working on the project, including a Project Manager (though, I use the term loosely in this case).

The project was progressing more or less on schedule, but the Project Manager hadn’t developed a project plan and hadn’t facilitated the “Daily Touch Point Meetings” that are widely accepted as being a “best practice” in projects of this size. As a part of my role as the Testing Manager, I had been asked to organize these meetings and to put together an overall Project Plan.

I’d soon completed the tasks and on this particular day, I walked into what I assumed would be another “snoozer” of a meeting. The Project Manager began the meeting and started reviewing his materials. I realized at this point that the meeting’s attendees included more than the usual number of Department Heads from the Client organization. As I continued to listen, I realized that this Project Manager was reviewing the very plan that I had put together – but there were some interesting twists.

It’s always hard to express someone else’s plan, but what I was hearing wasn’t even close to what I intended! As the meeting went on, I realized that what had been a Project Plan had now been turned into a Long Term Plan – all with a focus on ensuring that the Project Manager’s contract lasted longer!

While this wasn’t the first time I’d heard of this happening, or even seen it first-hand, but on this particular day, a series of new thoughts came to me.

Why do some firms feel the need to extend the project longer than it needs to be?

As a consultant, don’t I have a responsibility to save my clients headaches, time and money?

How can we claim to save them money, if all we’re interested in is our own billable hours?

Shouldn’t we come in, do our job to the best of our ability and move on to assist other clients?

It became clear to me in that one moment. I had a vision of the future.

I was done working for others that had tunnel vision and couldn’t see past the dollar signs of what amounted to taking advantage of the client. I wasn’t going to continue working for firms that would “milk” each client for every penny – while providing less value than they could, or should, have.

That’s the vision I have for Royale Class. We will be the anti-firm. The anti-agency.

We do things that others simply won’t do – like tell you when a project can be shorter. Tell you when you need less people than you’ve got budgeted. It’s my job to save you money. It’s my job to ensure that you’re getting real, measurable value when you hire Royale Class. Whether you’ve brought us in as a Mail Clerk, a Claims Processor, a Test Manager or a Project Manager – that’s what you’re going to get. A team that is founded from the ground up on a very simple, basic principle:

When you hire Royale Class, we’re going to WORK for you.

Until next time, I've gotta 'Lotta opinion about everything

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